About the Authors

Neil and Dr. Melissa Hague are Christians who have a heart for helping others to promote healthy marriages and families.  As a physician, Dr. Hague has the unique opportunity to see the frustration and strife that sexual difficulty can cause for women and their marriages.  Dr. Hague has helped many women, their husbands and their marriages through her role as a gynecologist.  She is the Director of the Women's Sexual Wellness Clinic, a division of Heartland Women's Group, where she treats women with many different sexual concerns.  Dr.Hague and her husband sense a great need to address the often unspoken topic of sexual issues and co-wrote Start Talking: Intimacy to help couples talk about their sex lives as a vital and important part of a healthy marriage.

James and Julie Smith are Christians who have a heart for counseling couples to help them navigate issues that often arise in every marriage. James, a Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist, sees sexual issues arise in marriages often and understands why couples would have a hard time starting conversations about their sex lives. While many concerns can arise in marriage, sex is often the cause of other issues becoming more intense. James co-wrote Start Talking: Intimacy as a resource for his clients and other couples to sort through what is often an underlying or overt problem that impacts the whole marriage.