Start Talking: Intimacy

Sexual dysfunction in marriage is a big topic that no one wants to talk about and while there are many long volumes on sex and intimacy there are no books that were written with the express purpose of assisting couples in conversing about their sex lives. From a biblical perspective and with the unique perspective of a physician and marriage and family therapist to guide them, couples will be taken through several different topics that can be difficult to address in the sexual aspect of marriage. They will have the opportunity to read a brief synopsis of a topic, then be guided through an intimate conversation by questions they answer together.

This book fills a much-needed void that is, perhaps, most appreciated by the counselors and pastors trying to facilitate conversation between a husband and wife about the more difficult sexual issues. In their own practices, Dr. Hague and Mr. Smith individually sought a resource that would help their patients have meaningful discussions about sex. When they conversed about mutual patients and how best to assist them, they found no publication that approached difficult subjects with the goal of opening lines of communication between husband and wife. It was out of a desire to assist their patients that this book was written.